Your opinion really matters!

What is Thank U Box?

Make your voice be heard

You know how it go to your favorite restaurant, club or market, you receive either an awful service (very usual) or the most amazing experience and no matter what happens you want your personal opinion be heard! But what happens? You found in a dirty corner a "Suggestion Box" from 1994 to send your comments that most likely NOBODY is going to read. We CHANGE that with Thank U Box. What you say is HEARD by non other that the company manager. Now is your chance to be heard!

Your opinion really matters

After sending your Thank U Box what happens? The magic begins to work. Your message (which can be just text, picture or video) will be receive inmediately by someone who really cares, the store manager. In Thank U Box your opinion REALLY matters because the store is going to pay attention of your opinion in first prioriry, letting know the store what is going on today with the service. Had a terrible experience? Let us know. Had an amazing experience? Let us know too! Because your opinion could get you rewards.

That´s right! Your opinion can give you rewards!

We get you, it´s SO common to send your opinion and never receive an answer. With Thank U Box you don´t have to worry because not only you will get an answer based on your feedback, you will also could get REWARDS like discounts and free products to apply in the same store you sent your feedback. That´s right! In here we value your opinion and time and compensate you.

Follow what you love

We all have our favorite stores, favorite restaurant or we are just fans of the good stuff. For that we have a simple and effective solution: follow. Follow you top locations and spots and begin building your list of the places you really love. You can even follow places you don´t particularly love but want to give them another chance. Just tap on the heart and that´s it!

Business Owner?

Thank U Box not only rewards their users, it also rewards the services inside it! Are you the business owner? Get in touch today with us and found out what your real customers are thinking about your service, get the neccesary feedback to improve customer relationship and finally understand first hand what your customers are thinking about in a complete private way.

Know what your customers are thinking

Would you like to know exactly what your customers are thinking? Would you like to have the tools to improve your service, be the best store manager around, improve sales and offer better services based on real customer feedback? With Thank U Box it´s possible. Unlike an old-school "suggestion box", Thank U Box gives your customers a simple and private app to get in touch with you directly by sending you messages, photos or video about their experience, so you can replay to them directly and have complete control of your customer service. It´s time to build a better service!

Direct communications

Get photos, videos or text messages directly into your admin account to know EXACTLY what is happening inside your store. Are your customers having a fantastic experience or are they receiving a terrible service? You will know exactly what your customers are thinking with Thank U Box in a simple and elegant solution that you can consult at any time and anywhere. Chat with your customers DIRECT from you private admin panel and get all the details of their experience.

All the metrics and numbers you need to know

Ok, all of this is looking cool, but it´s very important to keep record of all of it. With Thank U Box you will get full access to your customer experience in numbers, by knowing exactly the numbers and metrics that matters the most to know for real what is going on. That way you can be confident and take decision to improve each and every day your business. It´s time to GROW your business!

How can I contact ThankUBox?

Send a question or email at and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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